Belay my Last!

Belay my Last!

Walleyes were just getting started spawning when the first whisper of a major cold front blew in on March 13. It looked like we were heading for a major spawn going on this weekend. BUT water temp dropped to 39 and ma nature did a big re-boot.

USACE predicts the River on Pool 9 will be at ‘action stage’ by Easter from all the snow to the North. Fantastic! Look for the marble eyes to drop their eggs around April 12–pretty much right on schedule for 4 out of the last five years.

If the meaty-urologists are even close with the 10 day forecast the bite should be back on BIG TIME by April 3 or 4, with fish hanging where you’ve found them in the past this time of year under action stage conditions.

Back on march 13 I was just beginning to put together a pattern for spawn at low River levels. Plum tickled this rabbit hole won’t need to be probed moving forward.

The River is constantly changing. sometimes abruptly and profoundly. Conditions which will be working their way down River by Easter are welcome, familiar territory.

It always takes me at least an hour to figure things out every single day BUT this redux of an ever changing story is welcome, familiar territory. whoo-hoo!

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