Swimming back up the stairs

Swimming back up the stairs

The River is rising slowly but steadily with USACE predictions calling for a crest just below action stage over the next 10 days. Water temp yesterday warmed to 40 degrees.

There is some dunnage–mostly grassy stalks–coming down the River but the nuisance isn’t even close to the weeds of September. Water also just a little dirtier than the previous day.

Tried the usual pre-spawn places for given conditions and found exciting numbers of male fish cruising the 24′ contour. Caught a couple on the b-3 blade, a couple eaters & a 16″ smallmouth on a Northland buckaroo bucktail w/liquid willowcat then went to a slow pulling on the quiet side of a currrent break with a firecracker/chart tail B-Fish-n moxie plastic w/ da juice on a purple Northland Deep Vee spin jighead. Houston, we have a pattern!

Boat 11 eyes 15-18 over the next hour or so. No other boats in sight. Gotta admit, i felt borderline wicked.

kept 2 fish for Good Friday supper. Nothin’ better than cold water walleye that go from flopping to deep fryer in less than an hour!!!

Still have a few openings for guide service in April. Kept 4/4 open for a Midwest outdoors shoot with the guys from B-Fish-n Tackle. Mission is trying to put a fat girl or two in the boat.

Locking in this day opens up April 3 and 5. I might be talked into working one of those days, but must admit the possibility of personally setting the hook about every 10 minutes is worth much more than any amount of money.

After a half-century of guiding this tough work has evolved into a status quo life. i still get a thrill out of seeing somebody catch their PB & the twinkle in some kid’s eyes when they realize they have the formula of REALLY figuring out the mysteries of the enigmatic Mississippi river.

So far this year I’ve been open water fishing 56 days covering 6 states, mostly ‘fun fishin’….as a result I have rediscovered the passion and intimacy only time alone on the River provides.

Days on the River when you dial the pattern in with Micrometer precision don’t happen that often. There was a time when having this experience when fishing with clients provided a sense of validation–even though I knew deep inside it was living a lie cuz the Creator simply allowed me to catch those fish, proving the opportunity to let others crow about it.

it is good to be at a point in life where you have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. Ironic, because Easter is tomorrow. What Christ did on that tree over 2000 years ago for ALL MANKIND FOREVER makes it painfully clear how insignificant and trivial a little thing like dialing in a walleye pattern on North America’s most challenging River is.

I don’t like guiding on Saturdays. fun fishin’ isn’t even fun. But the Rivr is whispering my name. think i’ll take a boat ride. If nobody is within sight, maybe wet a line. Being one with the River, which is truly the living hand of the Almighty is truly an incalculable reward . Amen.

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